Do you have light or dark-colored seeds? Are they super tough, or will they become dust with just a touch. Here are some ways to figure out whether or not the seed is healthy and worth it to grow. Good quality seeds are the key to good harvests and healthy plants. While feeding and watering them is important, starting with top shelf is very important, but not something that’s easy for you to find. 

Checking the Appearance and Feel 

Unlike other kinds of plants, cannabis doesn’t have a bunch of different breeding means to make a crop that’s stable, which means that sometimes you may sow some seeds that have a certain strain, but the plants are very different. 

If you buy from a seed bank, they will vary in the different kinds of appearances. Some people may notice the varying appearance, letting others know of the color, size, and shape in order to determine the quality. It’s not good to always take the size and shape as a sign of quality, since some strains will create seeds that are much smaller than the others are, and occasionally, the same plant creates seeds of different shapes and sizes. So don’t discard a seed just because smaller or feels different. 

It can tell you a lot of Abou the growth of the plant too. Those cannabis seeds which are mature will have a shell that’s hard, and usually will be dark to the point of nearly black, or to a light grew, and it may have tiger stripes to this too. 

You should be able to press these together without creating damage. Those immature cannabis seeds are usually soft and greener, and they will break if you apply pressure. The packaging and storing also impacts their appearance, in that those changes to humidity, light, and temperature will cause some seeds to look darker or lighter but may not have an effect on the quality as well. 

Remember that just like with animals and other plants, these seeds are biologically different, and they will have different qualities and characteristics. Don’t let them full you into believing that a larger, darker, and rounder seed is better off than one that’s oval shaped, and one that’s lighter in some ways too. 

Can you tell the Sex Based off appearance 

This is something that you see a lot, and there are tons of myths about it that talk about how the female seeds have a volcano-like sort of depression near the bottom. That is not true. They look different, but there is no way to tell what type of plant it is. This is pretty much determined by looking at the plant’s flowers. 

Growing from a Bag 

Some smokers may want to use cannabis seeds in a bag. This is bad though. Usually, seeds in a bag, or bag seed means the grower screwed up somewhere and let the female plants get pollenated, and they stop making resin and then create seeds. The seeds also will add to the bag weight, which also means less weed for the money you spend. You may get a bit lucky if the strain was growing, but it’s sometimes not worth the effort too. 

Source these Well 

A good thing to do is to find a seed bank that’s reputable, and one that has breeders with good skills that customers are able to get exactly what they need. They have reputations, so they won’t do anything that’ll hurt them. Hobbyist growers may also be a good source. While they may not be perfect, they do work.