What are Cannabis Trichomes 

Trichomes come from the word in Greek which means hair. When you zoom in on a microscope at some of the resin, some of the cannabis buds that you see have little stalks that contain very small mushroom heads. This is something that some people assume means “loud” in their weed, but this is something that is a bit different, and more of a filament outgrowth on the plants. 

This shouldn’t be seen in the same way as pistils, since they are not the same, although those can be seen by the naked eye, but are a bit different. These are usually pretty good for the plant itself, and while they’re small, they can be very beneficial to the weed itself. There are a few kinds of trichomes, including: 

  • Capitate-stalked trichomes 
  • Bulbous trichomes 
  • Capitate sessile trichomes 

This is usually found in some cannabis plants, and typically in those that are medicinal and oily. 

The purpose of these 

They offer a variety of survival means in a plant. The gooey coating of resin is basically a defense mechanism against insects, fungi, and herbivores too. Some of these critters try to penetrate the barrier, and then, the terpenes keep out the other critters. 

They are also a key part of making sure that the cannabis stays hardy enough to grow. This resin actually offers protection from winds and even blizzards too. These are also a way to offer sunblock to the plants, since it actually protects this from the UV rays too. 

The importance in Cannabis 

They’re actually a key part of cannabis cultivation. Without them, we wouldn’t have CBD, THC, and even terpenes, and other key phytochemicals that are very important. It’s important to understand that without this, you won’t not have the high-quality cannabis that actually helps. 

First and foremost, they are the producers of terpenes and cannabinoids. They are responsible for this, and it’s also why you don’t touch these glances when you are trying to prune or trim the plants Speaking of, they also tell you when it’s harvesting time. They actually change color, and it’s a good way to figure out when you should harvest. In fact, several cultivars actually know the best ways to harvest this based on trichomes alone. 

Clear trichomes mean that they’re flowering, and are clear, and will have this clear look to them when they start. You want cloudy trichomes since this means that they’re the highest THC and terpenes and will offer a higher cerebral high. This is something that may be a sign that it’s time to harvest. 

These usually stay cloudy for about two weeks, and then, they become an amber color. They have the highest CBN and a little lower THC in this, and this allows for a more stoned king of high. So if you want that, you want to make sure that you do harvest them when they are amber. 

There are also mixed trichomes, where they have both of these hues at the same time, which offers a good, balanced high. It has high THC, with a bit of CBN to them. If you want a good, overall balance, this is the way to do it. 

The light Determines it 

The best way to get this to show up is through light. Light is something that does a lot of work in cannabis plants, and you can, with this, get the best highs possible by making sure that you do this, offering a good, mixed high in this as well for you, and also offer the best cannabis plant results. 

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