The light spectrum and THC Levels 

The light spectrum is used for a lot of different things, but what about THC? While light can impact the different growing means, let’s look at how UV light can impact the growing medium, and the benefits of this on cannabis. 

Can you increase THC with this 

 UV light is a specific type of light that’s at the lowest part of the light spectrum.  The eye can see light waves between 380-750 nm, and anything greater or smaller cannot be seen. But just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not useful. Boosting the UV exposure leads to higher THC, and it can lead to better, more potent buds. 

When you look at where some of the most potent cannabis is from, it’s definitely obvious. Some of the strongest hashish is near the 30 degree north latitude location on the circle and are located at the highest altitudes in the world. That means that when you’re looking at UV light, it does help to increase the strain power, and the benefits of this too. 

Not all UV light is the same. 

You’ve got UVA, UVB, and UVC light. They don’t all have the same effects of this too. First is UVA, which is basically 98% of the light that hits the earth, and it’s integral for the growth of plants and the environment. However, this usually what causes the risk of skin cancer, but this can help with boosting THC levels in the plants, and it is good to have this when it flowers. 

The second, UVB, accounts for just 1% of the light that hits thee, and It’s something that allies the increased THC levels. One big thing with UVB is that it can help with terpene and cannabinoids, but only works well in the last few weeks of flowering. 

UVB is where we get vitamin D from, but it also does increased the risk for skin cancers in humans. Finally, we’ve got the smallest light, UVC. This is the most dangerous, but it doesn’t help cannabis plants or humans at all. Growth lights shouldn’t ever emit this, and it’s something that should neve really get in. 

But the thing to understand here is that it doesn’t hit our surface, and it’s very bad for you to have. You can use UV lights in general for cannabis plat, and it does offer the following”: 

  • More cannabinoids, especially THC 
  • Better generation or resin 
  • Better resistance to bacteria and plants as well. 

However, UV lights also do have a disadvantage that does happen with cannabis plants too. 

They include: 

  • Stunting growth if exposed too much 
  • Possibility decreasing the CBD in the plant 
  • Lower ROI on the buds 

Should I use It? 

The short answer is yes, you should use UV lights for growing cannabis inside. The long answer, however, involves making sure that you buy the correct equipment and do the proper planning. 

Most of the growth lights have some form of UVA and UVB lights that come with this, but if you want the best gains, you want something that solely offers UV supplementation to the plant. 

But also, it does depend on the genetics of the plant, so if you notice more resin in this, you might want to hold off on the exposure of the UV until it flowers. The crucial part of this is of course focused on the cannabinoids and resin production. You also need to figure out where you should hang the UV light too in order to ensure that you’re protected, and it doesn’t hit the skin. 

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