CBD and Psoriasis 

Psoriasis is a condition that affects many people and causes severe inflammation in many people along with autoimmune concerns, and this can be a big problem for some. Can CBD help with this? 

What is Psoriasis? 

Psoriasis is a condition that affects up to 3% of the world’s population and causes patches of itchy, red it can cause scaley skin too. This is a chronic condition without a cure, and right now, it causes “flare-ups before it goes away.There are natural remedies for this, along with prescription meds, and lifestyle changes that can help with this. 

Usually, there are two types of psoriasis for you to get, and that includes plaque psoriasis, characterized by red, dry lesions found in the areas, and also inversive psoriasis, which affects your skin folds near the groin, underneath the buttocks and breasts, and results in smoother patches of reddened skin. This does not have a specific cause, and usually, it’s autoimmune, which means that it’s because of the body more than anything. 

Those with psoriasis do have skin that also does regenerate a whole lot faster than it normally does, and this rapid turnover and buildup of skin is what causes this. What causes the abnormal growth ones? Usually, it’s due to damaged skin, strep throat, or weather changes with trigger this condition. 

Can CBD Help 

Can it? Because the ECS is a huge part of the immune system, and also works to control immunity, there are researchers who are interested in the ways CBD interacts with your system. There are some studies which focus on the impact of immunity on this, and it may dictate whether or not the cannabinoid has a place in psoriasis treatment. 

The use of cannabis therapies in the field of dermatology is ever-changing. With more clinical trials and research though, we hope to have a better understanding of this down the line, and the various conditions that go along with this. 

Cannabis is really good for refractory psoriasis though. According to a study in the journal of Current clinical Pharmacology, it was found that in the review it looked at cannabis therapies to help with anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects of this. By acting through these pathways, especially the cholinergic, and the ECS, the cannabinoids and the cannabis products may help with the underlying aspects of psoriasis as well. CBD also may help with inflammatory diseases of the skin. CBD-rich ointment was used for atopic dermatitis, scars, and psoriasis. 

The trial did include 10 different patients who were instructed to put the CBD in the areas for a couple of months. Based on the evaluations of this, along with the questionnaires, the treatment did improve all of the parameters of the symptoms of the skin, including hydration and skin elasticity, and also not producing irritation and other bad side effects of the skin as well. 

Helps with Keratinocyte Proliferation 

Another thing that this can help with is the inhibition of keratinocyte proliferation. This was found that the cannabinoids help with this, and for those who have psoriasis due to abnormal growth of skin cells, this is a great way to help with treating this. 

It in general can also help with the anti-inflammatory properties that help with reducing the inflammatory processes along with the angiogenesis that comes along with psoriasis too. For a lot of people, psoriasis is a big issue, and there are a ton of great ways that you can benefit from this with these treatment methods, and cannabis may help with the treatment of this condition and future lingering problems down the road. 

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