What is Sativex 

Sativex is a type of oral spray that has CBD and THC in it. It’s effective for those with neuropathy and also MS. However, this is definitely something that’s a little bit different from traditional buds, and we’ll go over the differences of each of these here. 

What is It? 

This is known as what’s called an animal, which harnesses some cannabinoids in order to relieve the conditions. It’s in the form of a spray, and this is something that gives you a healthy dose of THC and CBC. This is restricted in most countries, but it is something that some specialists are able to consult, especially if you qualify for this. 

This is created by a British company called GW pharmaceuticals. This is one of the few companies in the UK that has the ability to grow, supply, and possess cannabis to help with scientific research. How it works is simple, it allows for cannabinoids to immediately get into the bloodstream through the oral mucosa, where they rapidly are able to diffuse. 

Some of this goes directly to the digestive tract after it’s swallowed, which results in longer but more amplified kinds of effects. The constituents of this doe work through interfacing with the ECS. The network of different receptors happen within the body, including your CNS and PNS. This of course binds directly to the receptors in the body and helps to reduce the painful kinds of stimuli there. 

There is a very low affinity for the receptors with CBD, but it actually helps with anandamide production and boosting this, which can help with other problems of the system. This also includes activating the TPRV1 receptors which helps with the expanded cannabinoid system too. 

What is it used for? 

This is used to help with treating multiple sclerosis symptoms, and also treating severe neuropathic pain, typically due to cancer. Multiple sclerosis is where the immune system attacks the immune system, which results in fatigue, issues with cognition, tingling, numbness, and vision problems. This can also cause stiffness and spasms. This can help with the condition, and right now, it may help with sleep quality as well in the person. 

The problem with Sativex is that not everyone can tolerate the effects of this well. This does get you high, and it can sometimes affect people who use this. Some people also may experience drowsiness, dizziness, and also problems with the digestive tract as well. It is also something that shouldn’t be used by anyone under 18, pregnant, or has a history of mental health issues. Those who use this should also avoid using heavy machinery too. 

How does it differ from Cannabis? 

Sativex actually does differ in a few ways. This uses only a few of the phytochemicals in cannabis that are there. It does offer relief for those who experience neuropathic pain, and also muscle spasms too. 

The biggest benefits are that it offers an accurate dosage, compared to possibly smoking. It also is very effective at handling the symptoms. Plus, it does include the major cannabinoids. Finally, it’s very easy for you to take due to the simple bottle and spraying design of the components. 

There are some cons to this. The main ones are there are only tow phytochemicals that are found in it. It’s also very centralized and it’s something that is a part of giant corporations too. The final thing is that it’s not something that everyone tolerates well, and the side effects are very common in this, and it can cause cognitive disturbances compared to some marijuana strains too. 

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