Cannabis and how it Interacts with Antidepressants 

Cannabis along with antidepressants work with the chemicals of the brain, and it can help to create new brain cells in some ways. But these two together can be dangerous in terms of interactions, with some antidepressants not working well with cannabis, and some other ones being compatible. Learn about whether you should have cannabis with antidepressants here. 

Their Relationship with Mental Health 

Cannabis along with mental health has not always bee very easy to work with. Some people use cannabis and it helps to boost their moods and improve their spirits, and some actually need it to get out of bed. But some people may feel more paranoid and depressed if they do smoke. 

There are conflicting views on this in the healthcare world, where some are fine with it because it does help to relieve the symptoms, whereas others believe it leads to worsening depression symptoms. Cannabis does affect everybody differently, where some people may take a few tokes and feel a lot better. This is because of the dopamine rush of cannabis, and it can help with soothing the body and reducing nervousness too. 

This can help a lot of people with different conditions. But some research says that cannabis is bad for mental health for a variety of reasons. While there is not specific research, there is some which say that cannabis contributes to depression in smokers. 

Cannabis may also cause some people to have other issues too, especially if they’re schizophrenic and experience psychosis too. Cannabidiols THC production does produce psychotropic effects in a person, and for some people they might not be able to handle it. But CBD and other products don’t do that, and it may help in the field of mental health. 

Cannabis along with Antidepressant?

For some people, this is good for them. 260 million people deal with depression, and many of them take antidepressants out there for the symptoms. But those who want cannabis to help with depression do benefit from this. It creates great short and long-term effects in the brain, and they do interact with one another too. 

Antidepressants of course try to help with depression symptoms by altering the brain chemistry. While depression doesn’t have one specific cause, addition, traumatic events, and even genetics can cause this. Antidepressants help with regulating the neurological activity within the brain through interacting with the brain systems that help to control the mood. Some of these chemicals will prolong and increase the brain chemicals presence, and also may increase it, including serotonin. 

Some research also says that antidepressants may also improve the symptoms of depression through helping with neurogenesis rates within your brain that’s depressed, in the same way that cannabis does. 

Antidepressants also try to recruit your ECS and sometimes extended use may also offer neuroplastic changes as well. Cannabis and antidepressants can sometimes interact with one another, and it may interact when not correctly used. 

Tricyclics are probably the ones that are the oldest out there, and these usually help with reuptake of serotonin and nephophine, and they may boost brain levels.  This one does negatively interact with cannabis, and it may cause tachycardia. SSRIs like Prozac are used to help with preventing serotonin absorption, improving mood. They can produce effects, but there is low risk of possibly interacting with cannabis. 

It’s important though to talk to your doctor before you use antidepressants to help with depression, and cannabis as well. It’s something that can prove to be useful, but for some people, the effects may be too much for them to handle if they’re not careful. 

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