The different ways
to Use Cannabis

The cool thing about cannabis is well, all of the different ways that you can use this. There are so many different ways that lets you get creative, and usually, this offers different advantages and effects, and it can be really good for improving your life. Here are some of the best ways to use cannabis. 


Smoking weed is probably one of the most popular ways. It pretty much just takes one toke, and the high takes about a minute to happen, and it peaks in about 10-30 or so minutes, and can last up to three or so hours. Joints are the most convenient way to smoke this, and it can be prepared how you want this. 

Blunts are another, and usually, they are done with special kinds of wraps, sometimes wraps of cigars, and it can sometimes have tobacco in it too. Then there are pipes, which are glass, ceramic, or acrylic. You just load up the weed, light it up, and then inhale all of this. 

Bongs are another and are basically less portable pipes.  They are genius, and they offer convenient ways to hit the lungs too. Fruit bongs are a type of bong that are makeshift, and it looks cool too, and is quite novel as well. There are also gravity bongs too, but the problem is, this is for more veteran smokers that are used to this. If you still take a toke and cough, don’t use these. They basically involve a bottle with a cut near the base, and a water bucket. When you hit the bong, you push the bottle into the water, helping to allow for you to inhale more than ever before. 


This is another one that’s recently gotten a lot of popularity because it’s a lot more convenient and modern, and this is a lot more streamlined, with cool temperature control options too. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the most basic of models needing a flame to work in most cases. These high tech kinds of devices do have heating elements, and they do offer temperature settings too. Vaporizers are really good because they help to give you some cannabinoids, along with some volatile kinds of terpenes, while also leaving you without having to inhale anything else. There are so many different kinds of ways to do this too. 


These are another one.  This is one that offers a very strong high that lasts a whole lot longer. They do offer concentrates with and without solvents, and it can definitely be something that may be good if you want to use this. 


Finally, we have edibles, which are different in most cases because they take a bit of time for them to reach where it needs to go. When you eat the edible, the THC has to go through the tract and the liver, and then, it gets converted, which offers a high that’s much more intense, that lasts hours as well. Some people can feel these for up to 12 hours after. The cool thing about edibles is that it can be literally everything, including gummies, or cannabutter that you use in your cooking and baking too. They also offer pills, coffee, and other ways to intake these. With cannabis, there are so many ways to take it, and that’s what’s so great about it. Because of all of these different ways for you to have it, you’ll never get bored, and your cannabis experience can be even better than before it ever was too.